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Greenfield Fence has the ability to spray Epoxy Primers and
Polyurethane Paints in-house. This allows us to have quality control throughout the entire steel fabrication process.


Epoxy primer has a few important advantages over other primers. Once cured epoxy is non-porous, nonpermeable and therefore waterproof. Because of this, epoxy naturally has excellent rust corrosion resistance. It also has superior adhesion characteristics to bare metal. These factors make epoxy the best choice as a primer coat.


Polyurethane paints are used for their durability and long life due to their UV- resistance, color stability, and gloss retention. Once cured, polyurethane paints have excellent chemical resistance as well as abrasive and impact protection than lesser coatings. Polyurethane paints are attractive and durable when applied correctly.


Metalize is a sprayed on 100% Zinc Barrier. This coating is applied prior to primer and paint. Metalizing is the best rust preventive coating there is.


Metalizing is a superior coating technique that uses zinc as a protective barrier. Known for its incredible corrosion resistance it is also extremely durable and can last up to ten times longer than paint. The Zinc coating is a perfect substrate for paint adhesion and improves the longevity of the final product.

Wrought Iron Shop

Greenfield Fence has our own Steel Fabrication Facility.
We do not rely on an outside source for steel fabrication.


Greenfield Fence Inc. has a full-service steel fabrication facility onsite. We have the ability to fulfill both residential and commercial contracting work. We do everything from our Carlsbad, CA location including welding, metal fabrication, carpentry, painting, sandblasting, concrete work, metalizing, and many other services.


Keeping production in-house gives Greenfield Fence Inc. the ability to not only offer a wider range of products and design options but we are confident we can exceed the demands for production fencing that the construction industry requires.


We can manufacture standard aluminum panels or any type of custom or decorative aluminum panels.


We manufacture aluminum and steel in the same manner so that the end products look identical. We use square heavy gauge tubing and square pickets.  For decorative panels, we use solid tubing in either square or round.  All of our fabrication is done onsite at our facility in Oceanside.


If you purchase a prefabricated aluminum panel from a Midwest or East Coast manufacturer your panel will have channels with rivets, assorted attachments, and powder coating. This looks very different from a standard wrought iron fence.


We coat each panel onsite with an epoxy primer and polyurethane paint. Our quality of coatings is superior to the powder coating on prefabricated panels. We use epoxy primer and polyurethane paint. We can powder coat aluminum but this is inferior to epoxy primer and polyurethane paint and not recommended.


There will come a time when our manufactured panel and the prefabricated panel will need to be repainted. Our panel is easily repainted. It is impossible to thoroughly repaint the prefabricated panel.

Public Works

We provide quality products & services that help
support the infrastructure demands of city projects.

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