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About Us

Greenfield Fence Inc.

Our mission is to provide all types of quality production fencing to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gain their trust through the exceptional performance of every member of the Greenfield team.

Concrete Fencing

Durable, private, and secure. Concrete fencing is structurally solid, easy to maintain, and has a variety of finishes available.

Iron Fencing

Traditional, strong, and long-lasting. From traditional to contemporary designs, Iron Fencing is as versatile as it is stylish.

Wood Fencing

Economical, versatile, and natural appearance. Wood fencing has many design possibilities and is easily customizable.

Vinyl Fencing

Cost Effective, weather resistant, and easy to clean. Vinyl fencing is available in many styles and is virtually maintenance free.

Glass Fencing

Strong, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. Glass fencing is a secure and easy to maintain without blocking the view.

Steel Overheads

Durable, versatile, and low maintenance. Steel overheads are a great way to define a space while providing excellent shade.


Our Customers


We have been serving in the fencing industry since 1984. Since that time production fencing has gone from predominately privacy wood to today’s market which includes P.V.C., ornamental iron, and glass. Every effort has been made to remain knowledgeable and up-to-date in order to provide every type of product you will need. Greenfield Fence, Inc. is confident we can exceed the demands for production fencing that the construction industry requires.

General Info

Greenfield Fence, Inc. carries full insurance including general liability, worker’s compensation, automobile, and umbrella coverage (Click HERE for a copy of our insurance certificate). We are licensed and bonded through the Contractors State License Board, Click HERE for a copy of our license or visit to verify our license and bond.
We are proud members of the U.S. Federal Government’s Basic Pilot (E-Verify System) to ensure that all of our employees are legally documented to work in the United States.

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